Bonn Climate Camp

Bonn Climate Camp


👋 Calling all activists, negotiators, and concerned citizens!

🌟 What: Bonn Climate Camp 2024
📍 Where: Bonn, Germany (How to get there?)
📅 When: May 31st – June 14th, 2024


Are you an activist passionate about climate justice? Are you a tired negotiator in need of a fun and relaxed evening after a long negotiation day? Are you a Bonn citizen who wants to learn about important climate negotiations taking place in your neighborhood? 

Join the global movement at the Bonn Climate Camp 2024!

Connect with activists and locals, discuss negotiations, and amplify marginalized voices.

The camp is open and free for everyone to attend ✅

Coordinates of the Camp: 50°43’04″N 7°07’48″E

Distance from the WCCB to the climate camp: 700m, of which:
~7% incline for 400m, paved
From the incline to the camp: firm clay path with small stones
In the camp: grass